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Non-Lethal Defense System that adds an essential layer of safety.

Threat Extinguisher improves communication in an emergency situation by providing instant alerts.

Threat Extinguisher communicates the location of the threat to staff and first responders improving the response time.
A canister of tactical grade pepper spray is now available for defense in the critical moments before help arrives.

Threat Extinguisher Models - Smart Case and Smart Base

Because we are striving to save lives, not take lives.

Automated communication helps first responders arrive at the scene faster, while simultaneously providing information for those in the building to implement safety protocols more quickly and efficiently. Threat Extinguisher gives people in harm’s way an additional benefit by providing a non-lethal option for defense in the critical moments before help arrives if the unfortunate event of an active shooter, or any violent incident, occurs.

Threat Extinguisher can protect:

Protect churches and places of worship.
A great way to protect your restaurant, bar, or club
Protect school buildings instantly.
Protect government or public buildings.
Protect your workplace, small business, or corporate headquarters.

How our non-lethal defense system works:

Threat Extinguisher provides an innovative solution to improving upon Run-Hide-Fight by bringing the A-N-D.


Immediately sends texts/emails with vital information to designated contacts to initiate safety plans while sounding a loud 108 decibel alarm.


Simultaneously calls to police, fire, & EMS for immediate dispatch and includes info on the location of the activated base.


Provides an option for non-lethal defense, if necessary, in the critical moments while waiting for help to arrive.




Heavy Stream

5,300,000 Scoville Heat Units (SHU)


Long Range

Fires up to 20+ ft.



50+ one-half second bursts, approx. 3 grams per burst.


Easy to Use

Just pull the safety pin, point & shoot


Non-Lethal & Effective

Exposure incapacitates without causing permanent harm, aiming for the face and eyes stops the attacker the fastest.