The headlines this week have been awful. How many school shootings
have we had already in 2018? In 26 days, 11 school shootings. And just
yesterday a young 15-year-old boy was arrested for planning a shooting,
thwarted by a watchful classmate and parent who did not doubt the idea of
a young man killing his classmates. A sad time indeed.
School Shootings through January 2018
kids hiding from active school shootings
Schools work to prepare for active shooter incidents
There are organizations that are trying to bring innovative solutions to the
problem. Both technology with new communication, simple tools such as
door barriers and new safety protocols such as ALICE and non-lethal
defense are helping to save lives.
In the past few years a new protocol, ALICE has taken off (Alert,
Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Escape) which provides strategies to increase
safety and protection. This program has been taught to more than
1,000,000 people throughout 50 states.

Threat Extinguisher Provides an innovative alert system. Once the Threat
Extinguisher is activated is sets off a high decibel alarm and immediately
texts an alert to staff and employees while also sending a notification to first
responders. Now people can decide on the course of action for each
unique circumstance. Should they run to escape, should they lockdown
with a barricade, and get prepared to “counter” with objects at hand?

Threat Extinguisher Installation at Ohio University to stop school shootings

Threat Extinguisher is installed in schools where the canister can be easily
pulled to activate alerts and notifications to be immediately sent. No need
to call 911.

Bolo Stick installation to protect during school shootings

Door barriers can be utilized to “lockdown”, keep the intruder out of the
room. This provides time to exit through windows or prepare to “counter”
the attacker.
The program emphasizes the need to “counter” or fight back if a person’s
room is breached and they are in imminent danger.

ALICE technique example to prepare for school shootings

Current ALICE training teaches to attack the assailant or to throw objects at

Threat Extinguisher Installation to protect against school shootings

Threat Extinguisher provides an innovative new non-lethal defense to
counter the attacker. Threat Extinguisher’s 5 million Scoville military-grade
pepper spray can shoot up to 20 feet.
New innovations, simple barriers, and new training give schools a multi-
layered approach towards critical incident safety. We lay a foundation by
educating students and staff about violent threats including Active Shooter
incidents and how to survive them. Secondly, we construct a layer of
protection by barricading entry to rooms using a door barricade device.
Lastly, we provide a third layer of defense by providing a non-lethal
alternative to incapacitate an attacker who has breached our other layers of
protection. Over-lapping layers of security afford the best chance of

One of Threat Extinguishers clients, Worthington Christian Academy, was
recently highlighted by ABC6onyourside in Columbus OH.

Threat Extinguisher at Ohio School Board Association Annual Meeting

This is where it started. Ohio School Board Association was our unveiling to the public. And it was the appropriate venue for our first outing since the tragedy at Sandy Hook shooting moved our co-founders, Sam and Paul, to move forward on the development of the Threat Extinguisher communication and non-lethal defense system.

Ohio School Board Association Educators holding Stand Up signs stating their beliefs including: I believe in Public Education, School Boards Strengthen Public Education, Who I am Today Began with Public Schooling.

We had a great location and our design lead, Alan, created a booth design to highlight our two system design, the Threat Extinguisher Smart Base and Smart Case.

Threat Extinguisher Non-Lethal Self Defense System Booth at Ohio School Board Association featuring the Smart Base and Smart Case along with information including our Alert, Notify, Defend system pairing non-lethal self defense with a smart alarm system that automatically notifies police and or security of the location of the situation while providing people on the scene an effective means for incapacitating the threat.

Now in our second year at the Ohio School Board Association the response to our system was amazing. Many board members remembered Threat Extinguisher from last year, they and others felt the timing was right for our system in schools.

We heard many Ohio school board association members saying there are renewed discussions about bringing more guns into the schools, not just a resource officer but teachers and administrators. Threat Extinguisher provides another option, we can change the discussion from “guns or no guns” to “guns or a non-lethal system”. And many board members, many of whom had been class room teachers, shared with us that many teachers don’t want to carry guns and worry about potential issues with their use including what if a teacher is overpowered by a student. Threat Extinguisher can be another layer to the security in schools.

For more information on Active Shooter training we recommend reading the Department of Homeland Securities website.

A great resource to help any organization including schools understand how to prepare for this terrible possibility. And we are there to support this protocol with our Alert, Notify and Defend systems.

A Little History of Threat Extinguisher, What We Do and Why We Do It.

Threat Extinguisher Non-Lethal Defense System was designed to help save lives. In the wake of increasing violence at many places of worship, as well as, schools and businesses our founder created an easy to use system to combat the violence.

Threat Extinguisher provides an innovative solution by providing simultaneous communication and defense.

1) Alert: texts with vital information to designated contacts while sounding a loud alarm.​
2) Notify: immediate calls to police & fire for automatic dispatch that includes info on where the activated base is located.​
3) Defend: a non-lethal, easy-to-use option for defense, if necessary, in the critical moments while waiting for help to arrive.

Threat Extinguisher Design

Active shooter and violent threat training has been evolving in the past 10 years as mass shootings have increased. An important addition has been “fight”. We wanted to develop a system that provides this element but also assists in first response, from the building staff to first responders. Our co-founder Sam Fasone has said “I wanted to design a system to give people a fighting chance in the unfortunate event of an active threat”. Our system utilizes what we call AND, Alert, Notify and Defend.

We help people in the building or area “run” with an Alert, sending texts to designated staff of the active threat as well as identifying which base has been activated. It sounds a loud alarm allowing people nearby to immediately know where the activity is occurring. People will know which exits are away from danger or allow them to “hide” in a secure place.

We Notify with an instant call to police for immediate dispatch to the activated base location. This eliminates the need for a phone call from a potentially frantic person who may not know specifically where the activity is occurring. This reduces the response time providing important time for action by first responders. “It can pinpoint the exact point or location where the problem is, when someone pulls out the can it can send a signal where the box is”, says co-founder Mr. Fasone.

Finally we Defend, no more throwing staplers, desks or whatever is at hand. Our non-lethal, easy to use canister “fights” with a powerful tactical grade pepper spray at a range of 30 feet to immobilize an attacker in the critical moments while waiting for help to arrive.

Why now

From January 1 to October 3 of 2017 there have been 274 shootings where four or more people have been killed or seriously injured, and 10 of those of those classify as mass shootings. The increase is not just in the number of shootings, it’s the frequency as well as the number of people killed and injured. Three of the deadliest US mass shootings have occurred in the past year.

Our co-founder Paul Stevens said “watching innocent people being killed inspired us to improve Run-Hide-Fight with instant communication and defense against an attacker. Our system works easily for everyday people – no guns or gun training needed. Loss of life still a possibility, but the time has come to find solutions, to help save lives and reduce deaths. Doing nothing is not an option”.

What people are saying

In response to these statistics, Threat Extinguisher was recently installed at Worthington Christian Schools in Worthington Ohio. Head of School Troy McIntosh wrote in his message to the school; “Any person – staff member, student or guest – can use the pepper spray to incapacitate and disarm the threat until first responders arrive. We had also considered arming select staff members, but because the pepper spray is non-lethal, the concern of having armed staff members handling lethal weapons in a high stress and confusing situation for which they have little training is avoided.”


Additional EMS Support

We also offer EMS pendants/wall mounted buttons to call for ambulance support when a medical need arises. These are coded so the authorities know the difference in violent threat versus a medical emergency. A great addition for places where there are people with potential medical needs.

About our Co-Founders

Sam Fasone and Paul Stevens developed the Threat Extinguisher System to save lives, to keep more guns from being a solution, and to reduce the amount of trauma caused in active shooter events and other violent situations that occur too often in schools and other spaces.

After noticing a rise in the shootings and violence, especially after the tragedy at Sandy Hook in December of 2012, Sam and Paul knew action was needed to improve safety for these events. After the Planned Parenthood shooting in Colorado in 2015, they decided they needed to accelerate working on this idea, to make it a communication and defense system that worked easily for everyday people. They understood that there was still a high likelihood of loss of life in these events, but they knew the time had come to launch the system and work to help save lives, because doing nothing was not an option.

Threat Extinguisher Communication and Non-Lethal Defense System Installed in Schools and Churches

Winter has finally arrived in North America and it’s time to bundle up for the cold weather. The best strategy is to use layers of clothing to protect them from the cold. Each layer has a purpose. Some are designed to be thin and wick away moisture, while sweaters create a layer of warmth and scarves protect the neck. Just as we need layers to protect from the frigid wind chill, safety systems require layers to perform effectively.

Threat Extinguisher is one such safety system. Our clients must guarantee the safety of congregations, employees and students. Our clients all have safety and security protocols, however, they realize that no single system can protect every event. They are looking to create layers of safety to prepare for all potential events. Threat Extinguisher provides an additional layer of safety during a violent incident.

A new protocol, Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Escape, known as ALICE, has been introduced and provides strategies to increase safety and protection. ALICE has been taught to more than 1,000,000 people throughout 50 states. Threat Extinguisher systems complements this training with a high decibel alarm and immediate text alerts to staff and employees while also notifying first responders. People can decide the course of action for each unique circumstance. Should they run to escape, or lockdown with a barricade and prepare to “counter” with objects at hand?

ALICE emphasizes the need to “counter” or fight back. This is where Threat Extinguisher’s non-lethal military grade pepper spray can be used as a last resort.

A multi-layered approach towards safety makes sense. Safety protocols lay a foundation by educating students, staff, and parishioners about violent threats including Active Shooter incidents and how to survive them. These protocols construct a layer of protection including barricading entry to rooms using a door barricade device, and as a last resort Threat Extinguisher adds a layer of non-lethal defense to incapacitate an attacker who has breached other layers of protection. Developing protocols with over-lapping layers of security afford the best chance for survival.

One of Threat Extinguishers clients, Worthington Christian Academy, was recently highlighted by ABC6onyourside in Columbus OH. An example of how schools approach student and staff safety and how Threat Extinguisher provides a new layer to their existing protocols.

Let’s Improve Safety Together

In the early 1980s two hotel fires within 6 months in Las Vegas, prompted changes to the fire code, and that has saved many lives. Nevada led the way implementing state wide requirements, and the nation followed. The first was at the MGM Grand and it took 87 lives and injured 700 people, it was the second worst hotel fire in US History…and Nevada and much of the rest of the country took action–new fire codes were enacted that required sprinklers in high-rises and large public areas, automatic elevator recalls and heating ventilation shutoffs, as well as extensive alarm systems and those little evacuation maps on the back of every hotel room door. The lessons of the disaster resonated beyond Las Vegas, the MGM blaze was also studied by psychologists, insurance firms, bar associations and even used in NASA presentations as a lesson in “safety standards” and “hazard controls.” At the time, every structure in the state was required to comply—no exemptions, no grandfathering. Resorts, schools and universities grumbled at the expense but understood the necessity. As Tom Huddleston, Nevada state fire marshal at the time, said, “No matter how unpopular it is, it’s still something that has to be accomplished. We don’t want to lose people.”
I think it is clear those words should still resonate today, WE DON’T WANT TO LOSE PEOPLE. As we examine the tragedies that keep occurring, let’s review our safety codes and options, and improve them. At Threat Extinguisher, we agree that the discussion on safety and how to keep our public spaces, schools, churches, government buildings, hotels, restaurants, etc. safer is not a comfortable discussion, but we must discuss it and find options to keep people safe, because the same is true in 2017 as it was in 1980…no matter how unpopular the topic of active shooters is we must find new options to improve safety in public places ….at Threat Extinguisher we are striving to save lives.
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We Alert, Notify and Defend

What is the defense component, and is it safe?
Our “defend,” is a tactical grade pepper spray, it is non-flamable, contains ultra-violet dye to mark the attacker(s), and you simply pull the pin and press the trigger, the product shoots in a stream up to 30 feet.
It is considered a non-lethal option when a police officer “reasonably believes” that it is necessary to:
protect himself, or another from unlawful use of force (ex. assault).
effect an arrest, or establish physical control of a subject resisting arrest.
establish a physical control of a subject attempting to flee from arrest or custody.
establish a physical control of an emotionally disturbed person.
control a dangerous nail by deterring an attack, to prevent injury to persons or other animals present.
[examples from the NYPD’s Control Guide Procedure]
1. What is pepper spray?
Pepper spray is a chemical substance derived from red-hot cayenne pepper. It dates back at least to the time of the Samurai (premodern Japan, warriors of the Edo Period,1603-1867). Pepper spray is also known as “OC,” for the chemical name oleoresin capsicum.
When OC is sprayed in a attacker’s face or dabbed in his or her eyes, it causes intense burning, inflammation, and temporary blindness. It incapacitates the subject through pain and by causing the eyes to shut. If inhaled, OC causes breathing problems because of respiratory tract swelling. If all goes well, and there are no complications, symptoms should fade after 45 minutes.
2. Is it dangerous?
Clearly pepper spray causes great pain, but there is debate about whether OC places people in imminent danger or results in lasting health issues. Pepper spray is known as a “nonlethal weapon,” a weapon that doesn’t kill. However, deaths have occurred following the use of pepper spray. In 2003, a Department of Justice report found that pepper spray directly contributed to the deaths of 2 people out of 63 cases, where suspects held in custody died after pepper spray was used in their arrest. In the two cases where the cause of death was directly attributed to pepper spray, the two people affected had asthma. The other causes of death were found to be drug use, disease, positional asphyxia, or a combination. However, the same report concluded that “Pepper spray inhalation alone does not pose a significant risk for respiratory compromise or asphyxiation, even when combined with positional restraint.”
It would clearly be preferable, if there were no threats, and we didn’t have a need for police or our defense systems to use pepper spray, but there are doubtless times when its use is appropriate.
3. After a pepper spray event:
Threat Extinguisher provides wipes for the purpose of treating the symptoms of pepper spray. If you have been sprayed or have got spray on you accidentally, then the the following may help to alleviate the burning symptoms of pepper spray. Here are some additional tips:
–Since the spray is oil-based, people who have it on their skin are advised not to touch the affected area. Touching the solution can easily spread it to other areas of the body.
–If pepper spray enters the eyes, blinking rapidly may help to flush it out.
–Washing with a dish soap (like DAWN) can break up the oil. After that, the area should be rinsed with water. Baby shampoos can be useful for washing spray from the eye area.
Note: People who have been sprayed may instinctively want to douse themselves in water. This can provide some instant relief, but it will not last long. Oil does not mix with water on a molecular level, so – like grease on a dirty plate – washing with water alone will not remove the solution.
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